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オロビアンコ ラ・スクリヴェリア ターコイズGT ボールペン

Orobianco La Scriveria Turquoise GT Ballpoint Pen

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[Brand Description]

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● Orobianco

Orobianco is a brand born in Gallarate, Italy.
It suddenly became a popular brand as a result of handling bags in a number of select shops in Japan.
We continue to create various products other than bags, from items that are easy to use on a daily basis to household goods, with innovative designs.

[Ball pen]

Brand name: Orobianco Product name: La Scriveria Color: Turquoise GT
Specifications: Rotating type Size: Shaft diameter 10.0mm x length 137mm
Weight: 25g
Country of Origin: Japan Material: Aluminum (anodized)