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モンテグラッパ, MONTEGRAPPA, 公式 日本総代理店

The highest peak of writing instruments loved by VIPs around the world

For more than a century, the family-run company in the Dolomites region of Italy has been fascinated by the magical connection between paper and the human heart.

Since embarking on his quest for perfection in 1912, Montegrappa has seen the devaluation of words due to material wealth. "Progress" often comes at the cost of essence and truth. The Montegrappa pen exists not to stop progress, but to give people who value words the luxury of slowing down time.

Many of my friends and rivals treat the pen like a relic of the past. I have the utmost respect for them, but Montegrappa is different. While other manufacturers aim to be "guardians of tradition", Montegrappa is committed to the tradition of "constant innovation".

Journey through some of the landmark moments that shaped the convention-defying century.

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