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My first glass pen

The most popular glass pen at PellePenna
Many people may have seen them on Instagram and become interested, but don't know how to choose them, use them, or care for them.
For those who are new to glass pens, we will tell you about the appeal of glass pens, how to choose them, and how to use them!

What is a glass pen?

The glass pen is a writing tool developed in Japan in 1902 by wind chime craftsman Sasaki Sadajiro. It is a type of dip pen, and a pen made of glass is called a glass pen. It is a writing tool that utilizes the capillary phenomenon, and there is a groove on the side of the glass tip like a brush, and by refilling it with ink, it is possible to write a considerable length of time.

Glass pens have spread all over the world because of their smooth writing and good ink retention. In the early days of glass pens, only the tip was made of glass and the barrel was made of other materials, but in 1989, an integrated glass pen made from tip to barrel was developed, which became popular for its beautiful appearance and was sometimes described as a work of art. PellePenna also carries this integrated type.

Another feature of glass pens is that they are compatible with colored inks. They can be washed quickly, so you can enjoy using inks of various colors.

How to use a glass pen

① Dip the pen tip into the ink bottle

Dip the pen vertically into the mouth of the ink bottle, about 1/3 of the way. Any excess ink on the tip of the pen will be sucked up into the grooves of the tip by capillary action.

Lift up the pen

Slowly pull the pen tip up and wait a moment. Be careful not to damage the pen tip.

③ Write

If you write with the pen slightly tilted, you can enjoy the original writing feel of a glass pen.
If you rotate the pen tip little by little while writing, you can write more characters.

When you finish writing...To change the color

① Pour water into a cup or other container and place the pen tip in it.

② Insert the tip of the pen and gently shake it in water to wash off the ink.

③ Gently wipe off the water with a soft cloth or tissue.

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