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フィッシャースペースペン BP替芯(PR用) ボールペン用替え芯 ブラック,レッド,ブルー,ターコイズ,シルバー,グリーン,

Fisher Space Pen BP Refill (for PR) Ballpoint Pen Refill

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[Brand Description]

Fisher space pen

Rigorously tested by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), the Fisher Space Pen is actually used by all astronauts.

In a normal ballpoint pen, gravity causes the ink to fall to the tip of the ball, but in the space pen, the pressure of the nitrogen gas enclosed inside moves the ink to the tip of the ballpoint pen. Therefore, even if it is turned upside down, you can start writing immediately, and you can write smoothly even in weightlessness, underwater, and extreme heat and cold (-34 to +121°C).

In addition, since the special sticky ink is sealed, it can be stored for over 100 years without drying up. Heavy-duty for all these conditions, and almighty for writing on both glossy and oily surfaces such as photographs. That is the feature of the space pen.

[Replacement lead for ballpoint pen]

Brand name: Fisher Space Pen Product name: BP refill (PR type)
Color: Black, Red, Blue, Turquoise, Silver, Green,
Core thickness: F (fine)...0.8mm
■M ( medium)・・・1.0mm
■B (bold)・・・1.2mm

*The number of character widths varies depending on the color.
・B (bold) is only black and blue ・Green is only F (fine) ・Turquoise and silver are only M (medium)



商品の色合いには、個体差があります。また、商品写真はできる限り実物の色に近づけるよう努めておりますが、 お使いのモニターの設定、お部屋の照明等により、実際の色味と異なる場合がございます。 あらかじめご了承ください。